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  • Javier Coronel

When the wave of change comes, surf.

Change is ironically the only constant in life. Okay well maybe it's not the only one but you get what I mean. The past year ever since I have graduated from college has been seemingly nothing but change. The changes were both good and bad but that's to be expected.

For example, the last time I had an apartment under my name was July 31, 2021. Ever since then I've fully embraced the digital nomad life style, part choice and part no option, and have lived across three different major cities. Austin. New York City. Mexico City. It's introduced new people into my life that have given me experiences I would have never expected. The few friends I now have in New York have given me exposure to a culture (east coast) that I had little to no familiarity. The friends I basically consider family in Mexico City introduced me into a lifestyle that revolves more around spirituality than I've ever seen in my life. Austin has been my home since 2017 and I've found communities that are hard to imagine leaving. I'm grateful. For all of it.

Financially, I've now surpassed the goals I had set for myself and am "ahead of schedule" in terms how much I expected to make at certain ages. This one is a hard one for me to swallow as I now make around three times as much as my mom made when she was single and caring for my sister and I. I really don't know how she did it. Sure pricing was different back then but I still don't see how she was able to manage supporting three people off of that when I now am barely getting into a comfortable position at THREE times what she was making. I'm grateful to have such a loving mother. I really am.

My mental health has fluctuated but overall I'd say it's continued to head in a positive direction. I've gotten significantly better since starting therapy back in late 2020 at prioritizing myself. I slip up here and there but overall I no longer put everyone's needs in front of my own. This has led to me having to end certain relationships but it's also allowed me to nurture some that have now flourished into rivers of serotonin. I'm grateful for my therapist as she's been a huge pillar in accomplishing this. She's practically held my hand as I resolve obstacles I was aware of as well as others I had no idea existed. Change in this particular department hasn't been easy. You know this as well as I do but it's not easy to change habits you've carried your whole life. I'm doing my best and that's what matters.

The family aspect has also seen some positive changes. My sister is now engaged to a man I can tell truly cares for her and is good for her. It's something I'm happy to see as I now know that if something ever happens to me there'll be someone to take care of her. It's the same reason I was happy for my mom when she remarried. This is not to say I expect to be leaving this world in the near future but I'm aware that I'm attracted to risky activities more than others and I'm realistic. Not one, but two golden doodles have been introduced into the family that bring an extra wave of happiness to all of us. They act like demons but are nothing more than fluffy angels.

Overall, I'm happy to see the direction my life is going even though there are some occasional potholes as I travel down the road that is my life. I've always welcomed change and that has been especially true over the last year. I know it can be a scary thing to do, but when change is on the horizon don't shy away. Lean into it. Move to Mexico City on three days notice. Spend a day around bee hives. Make your life so that if it were a book others would want to read it.

With love.

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