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  • Javier Coronel

The only constant in life is change

Change is something that either excites people or completely frightens them. In some situations it may even be a mix of the two. There are certain time periods that come along with huge change such as the transition from high school to college and college to early adulthood. I'm currently experiencing the second one and wow has it been one interesting ride.

I don't think it surprises many people to hear that I do well in change considering I like situations most people don't (such as being an MMA fighter). In less than year here are some of the changes I have been managing. Starting off with a lighthearted one; I cut my hair shorter than ever before. This was done purely to add further into the fire of change I'm under and the style has fitted me quite well so I guess I got lucky with this one.

Another major change is I can now say I have not one, but two degrees under my name with $0 debt. That's pretty extraordinary when I think about it. Now when I get in debates on certain subjects such as those relating to advertising or the environment I can actually have some credibility. This is not me saying going to college is the only way to gain credibility, but it is one way to get it. My time at university taught me a lot of lessons (talked about in another post) that I will forever be grateful and will be useful in future experiences.

The main change in my life right now is the fact that soon I will be moving to the largest, most expensive city in the entire nation. This is something I never planned for nor expected. Had you asked me if I was moving there just a few months ago I would've asked what was wrong with you. However, I'm accepting this change with open arms and am looking forward to experiencing so many new things in the near future. What excites me most is actually experiencing what it feels like to be completely lost. I know two people in the entire city. That's it.

To those that embrace change, I relate to you. To those that fear it, I recommend you ease into it with intention. Change is what will make you grow the most. Sometimes it may be a bad experience but it is one that will take towards you a better one.

Let's embrace change so we can make change in the world.

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