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  • Javier Coronel

Who knew learning agriculture strategies would be so useful?

Finished reading: September 2020

Imagine you were born in a family where your dad becomes the most successful investor of all time. Now imagine that even after your father achieves that title, he doesn't hand you life on a silver platter. Instead, he grants you the opportunity to make change on a global scale.

What would you do?

Well, in Howard Buffet's case, it was working on ending world hunger. This book focuses on 40 stories throughout his life and journey on tackling world hunger and is transparent through the use stories of success and others of failure. The idea behind "forty chances" is that a farmer only gets 40 chances (40 crop yields) to perfect their craft before their time on this planet comes to an end. That brings to question how you would approach a situation if you knew you had a finite amount of opportunities. While reading 40 stories over agriculture strategies may not seem like the most interesting read for the common person, I promise you that couldn't be further from the truth.

What these stories bring is a sense of joy, sadness, hope, and more as you venture through Howard's life and his pursuit to end such a massive issue. Throughout the stories, Howard doesn't hold back on voicing his opinions which was insightful as a lot of his beliefs were clearly learned from his father, aka, the most successful investor in human history.

If there is anything I took out of this book it is that:

- No matter how large a problem seems, it doesn't mean it can't be taken care of

- No matter how many times you fail, it doesn't mean you won't find success

- No matter how much you learn about soil, I promise you that you will NEVER be able to confidently consider yourself a "soil expert"

Overall, I recommend this book to individuals who would like to see a perspective with a finite amount of opportunities that's widely open to an infinite amount of solutions.

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