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  • Javier Coronel

Greenlights, a universal sign of progression

Potentially one of the greatest actors at the moment and a true breathing landmark, Matthew McConaughey's book, Greenlights, invites you to sit at the table alongside him and get an insight on the ingredients created him. Love him or hate him, this book doesn't disappoint and I'll tell you why.

One thing I have always been known for and valued in life is authenticity. I have always done my best to be my authentic self and Matthew is no different. I have to admit that he's even a better example of that word than myself.

If you aren't familiar with how he made this book he went through all the journals he's written throughout his life and summed them up for our consumption. The result was a raw look into the aspects he regarded as the most impactful in his life. One self descriptor he mentioned was being a lawn chair philosopher and I think that suits him very well. Even when he isn't trying to teach you a lesson, he manages to make it one.

While there's a lot I can pick to talk about from this book, one of the main topics that caught my attention was his lifelong desire to be a dad. That resonated with me because I adopted that goal at an early age as well, just for slightly different reasons. In a time of constant cancellation, Matthew doesn't hold back on discussing the outdated manners in which he was parented such as not being regarded as a man until he proved himself to his father (proving usually meaning a physical act based off of the stories on how he and his two brothers achieved this).

The real meat of the book is in the meaning behind the title. Greenlights. As any human being with proper working eyes can tell you, the color green is often associated with positivity. Movement. Progression. Success. You get the idea. Regardless of the road you decide to drive on you will encounter red, yellow, and greenlights. Often times a current yellow light may soon become a greenlight. Other times a red light will help you get to a greenlight. Now I'm not actually talking about a road. I'm talking about life. While the book is comprised of mostly greenlights, he includes a few red and yellows to give us a better idea of what led him to his current destination. I appreciate his honesty in admitting his journey to stardom wasn't necessarily an uphill battle like so many celebrities in today's world claim. He openly admits being an attractive fella has helped him throughout his life.. Alright. Alright. Alright.

Throughout reading this book I looked back on my own journals and experiences which made me think about some greenlights I've experienced. Joining the martial arts was a huge greenlight for me. Through that decision I have met some of the kindest and most respectful souls and achieved a level of discipline and humility that has helped me thus far. I also have learned to appreciate my red and yellow lights. For example, my past relationships. All have crashed harder than the Hindenburg (see below). They were clearly red lights but I don't regret experiencing them nor do I hold any hatred in my heart over them. This is because I know that they have helped me carve the path to my eventual greenlight. An athletic girl who can captivate the room without releasing a single word, seduce you with her thoughts, and make you forget the world exists when you're with her.

A similarity between Matthew and I is our level of appreciation. Speaking only for myself, this is something that has grown within me more and more every single year. I appreciate the people that go out of their way for me. I appreciate the individuals that believe in me. I appreciate the world I live in. I appreciate so much and that alone has helped me on some of my worst days. Matthew has experienced a lot of greenlights because of the level of risk he is willing to accept. While I am regarded as a frequent risk taker, I pale in comparison to him and reading this book has opened my eyes to the golden coins that lie on the other end of the wall. It may lead to more red lights than ever before, but if it means I get to experience greenlights at the magnitude he has I'll take that chance every single time. If I want to experience the things I have envisioned for myself I have to start taking that jump more often. Living on an entirely higher frequency. That is the goal.

In order to enjoy the greenlights you have to set your mind to enjoying the journey towards them rather than anticipating them. By the time the journey has come to an end you won't even remember how you got there. Appreciate the red lights. Appreciate the yellow lights. Appreciate the greenlights.

Think you can do that? Alright. Alright. Alright

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