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What does it mean?

Semper Prorsum is Latin for "Always forward".

- The book was chosen to represent knowledge

- The shield represents the power education gives you

- The arrow represents the ups and downs experienced throughout life

- The colors were a result of my exploration with color theory 

- The font was chosen to model similar education programs

- I created it on the last day of 2020 purposely to show that it only gets better from here

From idea to reality in one day.

On December 21st, 2020 a thought occurred to me; everyone is always complaining about not learning essential information in school and yet no one has addressed it. The sorts of information people are talking about are things like changing a tire, understanding taxes, benefits to savings accounts, investing, etc. The things to survive adulthood, you know? While this information is easily accessible to some, many others don't even know where to begin. This has only further contributed to issues like the growing wealth disparity. To address this, I have decided to create Semper Prorsum, an organization focused on providing people with the information they are not providing in most schools and could benefit from. Not only will this information be provided in an easily accessible format (e-books), but they will also be research-based and written in a manner that really simplifies topics so that everyone goes out of the experience knowing more than before. By the end of that day, Semper Prorsum was born.

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